Sea Lion xx

Sea Lion xx

Approved by the American Trakehner Association, Oldenburg NA & ISR

JC Registered as Sea Elephant by Sea Salute out of Ivory Today by Caveat

1998, 16.3h Thoroughbred stallion.  Successful CCI*** eventer!

Photo courtesy of Samantha Clark

Photo courtesy of Samantha Clark

Available for the first time, Sea Lion is exceptionally fertile.  He is available fresh cooled, frozen or by live cover.  He recently completed his first test breeding and has proven his fertility there as well as with the testing of his frozen semen.  This is the Thoroughbred eventing stallion that we have all been waiting for!  Highly successful through the CCI*** level, he also made a debut at Rolex this year.  A brilliant run there until an unfortunate pulled shoe and bruised fetlock on course forced him to retire from the competition.  Known for being a bit of a ham but having a fantastic work ethic, Sea Lion xx is the perfect infusion of blood into most mares!  Contact us today for more information!

Sea Lion- Rolex CCI**** Dressage

Sea Lion-Galway Downs CCI*** Cross Country 

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  1. barbara chafin said:

    love him


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